Ready to Get it Done, adoption update

Paperwork. Oh, the paperwork. We need this form completed for the agency. This form is for the home study. A fundraising project thrown in here and there. We need fingerprints from everyone who is older than 18…twice. And don’t forget the background checks. Grant applications filed and sent in. Another fundraiser. Redo on some paperwork that wasn’t done correctly. State, federal, and Chinese stamps all need to be in place. Work in another fundraiser. Fill out another grant application. Parenting classes, cultural classes, books and blogs read. And… all the time waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

Life continues to move forward while we wonder what our little girl is doing far across the ocean. She celebrated another birthday. Does she even know she’s a year older? Does she like pink or purple? What does she like to do when it is playtime? Lots of questions, few to no answers.

As we wait, we trust. We trust that God is moving in her heart and in ours to unite us as a family. We trust that His timing is better than ours. We trust in His provision for the finances to complete everything on time.

While we wait, we also prepare. We dream of an unknown future filled with laughter, pain, joy, and sorrow. We know the realities of adoption are hard. So we educate ourselves again about the struggles that may come. We help our children to remember (or learn) what it is like to be a stranger in a place called home.

In the wait, we pray. Prayers for strength to endure sleepless nights filled with tears. Prayers for understanding the heart of a child we’ve never met. Prayers for grace and patience for siblings and parents alike.

During this wait, we also talk…a lot. We discuss feelings, hopes, and disappoints from our last adoption experience. We discuss possibilities that are both frightening and exhilarating.

We are ready to have our sweet girl home with us. We are really close, but there have been a few paper hiccups that have made the process last longer than expected.

Would you pray with us that everything would be cleared and sent to China very soon. And also pray we will be given grants to help with the finances. Also, if you’d like to help contribute don’t forget to check out this site,

In the meantime, Hanissa has recorded some sweet messages to let Kylah and everyone else know just how excited she is about completing this adoption. Be sure to check the blog for her updates.

Thankful that our Father walks this journey with us and that He has given us such amazing friends to share this amazing life.

~ Regina

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