What is in a Name?

Most of you know that we are closing in on our travel date to pick up our newest family member from China. One of the first questions asked by everyone is…Will you change her name?

When we adopted Hanissa, we decided to keep her name. It was easy to adapt into English. And, since we are all about choosing names for meaning, we liked this one. In the original language it means energy. Let me just say, that was a self-fulfilling prophecy. But her name has beautiful meaning in several languages. And by adding Faith as her middle name, it became “By faith, we have God’s gracious gift.” Couldn’t think of a better way to describe His gift of this precious child to us but even more His gift of salvation.

When it came to our newest daughter, we didn’t want to totally disregard her heritage and we wanted a name that would forever remind us of God’s precious promises. Here is what we found.

Kylah – life given from the breath of God – -> Chai – Hebrew for life (pronounced Hi) Chi – Chinese for life; “h” at the end – -> Hebrew for breathe of God or Spirit of God; “ah” – Hebrew meaning a promise from God, upheld by God…So it could mean ‘life promised by God’
(I wasn’t kidding when I said we are all about the meaning of words when we choose names. And for those language experts out there, I know we tweaked this a bit but give grace. ☺)

So the short answer is, “Yes, she is getting a new name.” But, it has taken months of praying, searching, and patience to find the name we felt belonged to her and reminded us of a great lesson God is continuing to teach us.

As you continue to pray with us that our adoption happens quickly, would also pray for Kylah Mei (Chinese meaning is beautiful). Pray that she knows that her name is more than just a name, but truth that resonates throughout time. Life given from the breath of God is beautiful.

~ Regina

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