The Power of a Renewed Mind

Doctors told us that without surgery, she would be bound to a wheelchair early in life. Surgery couldn’t fix the genetic issue that causes her bones to grow in strange ways, but it would help her in the present to be able to walk.

The surgery was the easy part even though she was unable to put any weight on her legs for over 8 weeks. It was the retraining of her mind to communicate correctly with her body that was and continues to be the biggest obstacle in her life. Her brain didn’t know how to communicate correctly with her muscles. And some muscles were almost non-existant as a result. It has been quite a journey, but oh, the joy when we see the results of her mind working well. Makes me wonder what I could accomplish with a little tweaking in my own thinking process.

The Bible tells me that I can be transformed by the renewing of my mind. I’ve seen this physically played out in our family. I know the hold that old thinking patterns have on us. We can’t have lasting change if we don’t have a changed mind. Surgery was great for my girl, but her brain still thought she had to walk according to the same old pattern she’d always known. It was comfortable. It was normal.

When I think of the new life that God has called me to live, it seems amazing. But too often, I’m stuck thinking the same thoughts I always thought. Shame, defeat, fear, pride, and despair cause me to accept much less than the life I was designed to live. To be transformed, to be given a chance to walk in newness of life…daily, is freely offered, but I must have a changed mind.

It isn’t enough to just believe. It isn’t enough to know Truth. I must actively pursue it by the reading of God’s word, by allowing His thoughts to overrule my own, by letting Truth infuse me daily, by humbly recognizing that what feels normal isn’t necessarily what is right or best. A renewed mind gives me the ability to see my life and the world around me clearly. When I give up the fight and let go of the old ways of thinking, when I finally surrender, then I find victory.

I watch my daughter running a bit lopsided and I know we still have work to do in that mind of hers. But, I’m also reminded how far she has come and I see new victories every day. As I watch her, I wonder what God thinks when He looks down at me? Does he see my mind communicating well with my will? Does He look at my limp and say, “Good job! You are doing better everyday!” Or does He shake His head and whisper, “I can help you overcome, if you’ll just let me have that mind of yours.”



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Transform my mind, Oh Lord. Take away thoughts that are rooted in selfishness, fear, and pride. Replace my thinking of what is right with your pure righteousness. Open my eyes to see the life you desire for me. Align my thoughts, my attitudes, and my actions with Your thoughts, Your attitudes, Your actions. Transform me, renew me.

~ Regina

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