Adoption Update

We have been busy getting everything ready for our daughter from China to come home. Bedroom has been organized, clothes are folded and in drawers. Parenting classes completed. It seems that everything is ready.


We’ve been told not to expect to travel to pick her up until after the new year. I can’t tell you how much this hurts my heart. Another few months isn’t that long, I know. It is another holiday, another family event that she is missing. Another few milestones of childhood missed. Another few months of institutionalized care. Another few months of getting less than ideal nutrition. Another few months of not understanding family. Another few months of meeting her own needs. Another few months of emotional walls built and padded. There is a lot of negative that comes with a few more months.


I know I serve a great God who has great plans for each of us. He is at work in her heart in China and my heart here in the US. His ways may not always make sense to me, but He is faithful and trustworthy. The next few months we will enjoy the quiet of being a family without the storm that is sure to follow adoption. A few months of calm before life gets crazy with the needs of a new daughter who is moving in with strangers. A few months to get ahead in school work and projects. A few months to learn to wait on the Lord, again.

While we wait these next few months, would you pray with us? Would you ask God to prepare Kylah’s heart and mind for life in our family? Ask God to help Hanissa adjust to life with another child who will be needing lots of Mama time. Ask for strength for us as a family? Would you ask God to give us (parents and kids) wisdom to recognize the needs of our daughters? Ask for peace to reign in our home during those turbulent first 6 months.

A few more months and Kylah will be home. Life will forever change once more. There will be bumps and bruises, but there will also be laughter and joy. At just the right time, we will make the journey to meet her. Sometimes, I don’t feel like I can wait another day, but I’m learning to trust Him more and wait for Him to move.



~ Regina

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