Isn’t She Beautiful

This past week we received some official paperwork from China and now we can share this beautiful face with you. We’ve been looking at this picture for over a year. You can find it in our kitchen, in our girls’ rooms, on our computers.

Since the time of this picture, she has lost a few baby teeth and gained big teeth (as Hanissa likes to call them). She has also grown taller. K is 9 months younger than H but 2 inches taller. H isn’t too sure how she feels about having a little sister who is taller than she is, but she is excited for K to come home.


We were given (and we accepted) our official referral of Kylah and filled out the US forms to bring her home. 2-4 weeks of this office doing their thing and then 2-3 weeks of that office doing their thing and before you know it, we will be getting permission to travel.

We are excited to be walking this road that God has prepared for us. Thank you for walking alongside us.

~ Regina

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