Wedding Bells are Ringing

Just a few short weeks ago, our daughter became engaged. We knew it was coming, but it still seems hard to believe that our baby is getting married.


Mark planned a surprise scavenger hunt as part of the proposal and we got play by play updates via texts as the evening went on. Rachel went all over campus and “ran” into several friends who lead her to the next clue. So neat to be a part of that special moment.

wpid-12003366_10204814887120272_3880826407285289270_n-2-2015-11-6-12-54.jpg wpid-11143300_10207267616316020_5126525871193935698_o-2015-11-6-12-54.jpg

For those of you who haven’t met him, Mark is a great guy. He continually demonstrates his love and support towards Rachel. And, I am thankful for the heart for ministry that God has given each of them. Yes, they are busy making plans for a future together but in the midst of all that is the desire to search out God’s will for them as a family. I don’t know where the winding future road will take them, but I am thankful that both desire to run after God.


wpid-rachelmark-rachelmark-0037-2015-11-6-12-54.jpg wpid-rachelmark-rachelmark-0049-2015-11-6-12-54.jpg
wpid-rachelmark-rachelmark-0002-2015-11-6-12-54.jpg wpid-rachelmark-rachelmark-0040-2015-11-6-12-54.jpg

wpid-rachelmark-0005-2015-11-6-12-54.jpg wpid-rachelmark-rachelmark-0044-2015-11-6-12-54.jpg

May will come too quickly, no doubt. And, I will cry more than just a few tears. But, I am thankful for the privilege of watching Rachel grow and seeing God at work in her life.

Congratulations to my baby girl! I’m excited to have Mark join our family.

~ Regina

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2 Responses to Wedding Bells are Ringing

  1. Beautiful post!! Thank you for sharing this special moment! Congratulations, Rachel and Mark!


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