Speeding Right Along

Here we are, a week before Thanksgiving, and our crazy adoption train is picking up speed.


There were days, and weeks when nothing seemed to happen. No matter how much coal was poured into the furnace, we seemed dead on the tracks. We completed our dossier, had our family and home inspected, attended parenting classes, but the crazy train seemed to only move inches. We longed to race over the mountains to the other side, but instead we putted along. And, the months kept passing.


Then, suddenly, we received our official referral asking us if we did, indeed really want to adopt K. We signed, scanned, and mailed everything. We filed the government form requesting the US to allow her to immigrate. A few more weeks of waiting, but we could feel the train moving, and picking up speed.


Last week, we received provisional permission for K to join us in the US. We were told the National Visa Center (NVC) would issue a letter within two weeks. And we got it today. Now, to fill out one more government form to get her visa (which David is doing as I write). Meanwhile, the NVC has sent all her paperwork to the US Embassy in China where our final interview will take place. This process takes about 2 weeks barring holidays. Once the interview is scheduled, China will issue us an invitation to travel which means we can get our visas and plane tickets.

This adoption train is speeding right along and we couldn’t be more excited. Not too much longer and we will meet our sweet K in person. Then, we begin our lifetime journey together. We don’t know the exact time we will travel, but we’ll keep you posted. Soon, it is happening soon!

~ Regina

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