Traveling Soon

We are over the moon excited to share this with you. We have a very probable travel date.


This is happening.


Someone asked how Kylah will feel about joining our family. Most likely she will be terrified, with some excitement thrown in. New smells, new sights, new sounds, new language, new tastes, new expectations, new faces, new siblings, new parents. All of this is scary to a young child. She may act like a frightened animal at times. She may withdraw from everything and everyone. She may yell, scream, and cry for hours. She may revert back to babylike behavior. She may act friendly to everyone she meets but reject her family. She may be extremely needy. All these (plus some) we experienced on some level with Hanissa.

We would appreciate your prayers for our trip. But, especially pray for Kylah. Pray that her heart is prepared to meet us. Pray that we recognize her needs. Pray that our family will connect intimately.

Also, pray for Hanissa. She has no idea about the changes that about to come her way. Pray that she and Kylah would love and adore each other. Pray we will see and understand Hanissa’s needs, too.

And, pray for our other girls. Each one knows the excitement and the struggle of those first few months. Pray that they will be filled with compassion when it is needed. Ask for an abundance of understanding and strength as they will have more responsibilities in the beginning.

Finally, ask for grace. An enormous, over-flowing amount of grace. Our family will need lots of grace from within. We will have to be willing to overlook words that flow from exhaustion and frustration.

Our family will also need lots of grace from those around us. This may be the hardest part of all. Life will be chaotic at our house for a while. Some nights, we may get very little sleep. Some days, I may feel like a terrible Mom. Some days, grocery shopping may be too much for me to handle. Others days, it may be just the release I need.

Adoptive Parents are very similar to parents of a newborn, but, generally, with less support. Loads of adjusting, a lot of stress, and many sleepless nights are common fare for parents who adopt, regardless of the child’s age.

I don’t know what we will experience as a family, but I know that we will love her through all of it. Every adoption does have one thing in common, life is forever changed. The early stages of confusion will pass. Anger will slip away. Trust will develop. Family will emerge.

Thanks for journeying with us and loving our family.

~ Regina

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One Response to Traveling Soon

  1. faithwalk8 says:

    Excited, and your Mom is very excited also.


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