Travel Plans are Made

In just 17 days, we will be sitting on a plane heading for China. 17 days! Oh my goodness! This is happening…SOON! Tickets were purchased this morning and plans are being made.


And then, on January 11, we will meet our youngest daughter for the first time. I can feel the butterflies swarming in my stomach. Excitement meet nervous fear. There are so many emotions and I’m having a hard time keeping my focus on what is happening right now under my roof.

Friends, and strangers, too, ask me a lot of questions about adoption. Many of them ending with this idea, “Well, God bless you. I know I could never do what you’re doing.” If God hasn’t places adoption in your heart, it is ok. Adoption isn’t the call for everyone. (Although, I’d like to add that more are called than the number that actually accept. And, all believers are called to help with orphans and widows in their distress but that doesn’t look the same for everyone.) But, I am so glad that He placed a burden for adoption in our hearts. It has changed our entire family for the better. When it came to adoption, we took the road less traveled.


So here we are again, about to embark on a journey and the road looks like it may be rough. But, we are confident that He who has called us is able to sustain us. We are confident that Kylah will teach us more about love than we ever imagined we could learn. We are sure that our family will be stronger, kinder, and more compassionate with the addition of this sweet girl. It won’t happen immediately, but we will grow together and take delight in all the little victories along the way.

It is just the beginning. This plane ride ends months of paperwork, hoping, and longing, but really it begins a lifetime of learning and loving.

China…here we come!


Thank you to everyone who bought t-shirts, prayed, sent words of encouragement, helped us financially, and just loved us through this part of the journey. Please to continue to pray for us as we learn, yet again, how to be a family.

~ Regina

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