Thank You!

The past two weeks in China, we saw dozens of families growing through adoption. Most of the children I met were on the waiting child’s list. They were older and almost all of them had special needs. Being overseas with a special needs adoption creates an atmosphere of high stress. And yet, these parents were speaking love and grace to those around them. I was encouraged so many times by the amazing people I met.


To the parents of the adopted children in our hotel…

I may never meet you or even see you again, but thank you.
Thank you for adopting blind children and helping them experience and see the world around them.
Thank you for cuddling and playing with a baby previously labeled by Down syndrome.

Thank you for learning sign and teaching it to your new son who is deaf.

Thank you for not caring if your child’s body is twisted and malformed.

Thank you for being willing to sell your home so that you can find one that is wheelchair accessible for your paralyzed son.

Thank you for investing in a child who was tucked away, out of sight, because she didn’t know how to cope with people.

Thank you for enduring the stares as your child screams when you go out…anywhere.

Thank you for accepting the unknown as normal.

Thank you for not listening to those seeds of doubt and worry that continually threaten to choke out all other thoughts.

Thank you for searching out ways to communicate with a child who purposely shuts you out.

Thank you for seeing a child instead of a deformity.

Thank you for going far out of your comfort zone and wanting a child that was deemed unwanted.

Thank you for making a difference in the life of a child, in the lives of those who know you, and in the lives of those who watch you from a distance.

You have become my heroes. Day in and day out you make hard choices. You love kids who don’t know how to love.  You parent kids from tough places. You accept your child as they are but believe they are also so much more than how they appear.

You are real people with real needs and yet hope, not fear, seems to flow from you. Thank you for encouraging my heart and helping me along this journey.

~ Regina

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