Two Months

Two months. 8 weeks. 60 days. 1,450 hours. It seems like such a short time, but for you…

You’ve started a new life complete with strange faces, strange language, strange food, and strange customs.

Two months ago we walked into the lobby of a hotel and saw you face to face for the first time. Your eyes told me that you were nervous and afraid, but you smiled anyway. We noticed you often wore a sad, sort of wondering look. We’d catch you staring at us when you thought we weren’t looking. Oh, the thoughts that must have flooded your mind.

Those first days, I wanted to you to understand that it was ok to be scared. It was ok to be confused. It was ok to cry and even get mad over all the new in your life. I wanted you to know that the pain and sadness would lessen in time. We couldn’t make you understand, so we held you. We read to you. We taught you songs. And little by little you began to respond.

img_9016-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg img_9005-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg

img_9468-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg img_8735-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg

We’ve had two months of learning about one another and growing more and more into the shape of a family. Experiencing so many firsts together: ice-cream, grass, snow fall, zoo animals, school. We still have so much to learn, so much to untangle.


img_9782-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg img_9764-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg





img_9844-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg img_9726-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg

But, there is progress, everyday. As more layers unravel, we see your confidence growing. Communication, not just with words but feelings is getting easier for you. Every day, we thank God that we get to know you, love you, and raise you. We pray for wisdom and understanding to help you as you embrace your future and your past.
dsc_1294-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg dsc_1299-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg

dsc_1283-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg dsc_1280-2016-03-10-21-06.jpg



Today, I’m simply thankful. Thankful for you and the beauty you have brought into our lives.

~ Regina

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