All Together

Rachel came home for spring break. Yay! We were able to work on wedding plans and she got to meet her newest sister, Kylah. It was a crazy, busy week and we didn’t get to do much together as a family. BUT…we were together for a short while and that was enough.

We took a few pictures together and laughed…a lot! May is coming too quickly and we won’t have too many more moments like this one. But turns in the road can lead to beauty, too.

Oldest to youngest…

Rachel, Torie, Charis, Alia, Hanissa, and Kylah


Shortest to tallest…


Oh, wait! Rachel is taller??

dsc_1369-2016-03-19-13-10.jpg dsc_1371-2016-03-19-13-10.jpg

Amazing what a pair of heels can do.


My amazing girls!





Hail, hail, the gangs all here!


Tomorrow, Rachel will fly back to school. I’m thankful for this little moment we had together. Thankful for the beautiful family God has given me. Thankful that He is continually at work in each of our lives, individually and as a family.

I hope you take time today and just enjoy the family, the blessings God has given you.

~ Regina

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