Something Amazing

Something amazing is happening in my house at this very moment. My two youngest are playing together. Not one trying to play and the other enduring, but full blown play with giggles included. Honestly, I knew this would come eventually, but I was expecting in to be a few months away from really happening.

Up until now, the girls were tolerant of one another. Hanissa has been longing for Kylah to join her in imaginary adventures. Kylah, meanwhile, has preferred to spend time with Mom and Dad or one of her older sisters. Hanissa would try and try and try to get Kylah interested in her games but would always give up and go off to play alone. I could see the disappointment growing in Hanissa. Some days she would just pretend Kylah wasn’t around since Kylah showed no interest in being with her. It was heartbreaking even though I knew this was part of the process.

But today…something changed. Hanissa set up a tent in the living room last night. The girls spent the evening together, although they were doing different activities. This morning, Hanissa and Kylah went straight to the tent and that led to hours of play time. Yes, it was interrupted by brief moments of disinterest on K’s part, but it has been truly amazing to see them both interacting so well.

I know Kylah doesn’t completely understand H’s imaginary play (I have a hard time following it), but they are doing something together. And, that is bring joy to my heart.




~ Regina

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