Just Starting Out

Blogging is completely new to me, so be patient.

David and I have spent most of our adult lives overseas.  Connecting with friends and family hasn’t always been easy.  There have been times when we felt forgotten.  Times when we felt guilty about being away.  Times when we were glad we lived across a great, big ocean.

The hardest part of course is not being as involved in the lives of family and friends as we would like.  I am so thankful to live in this wonderful technological era of instant communication.  It has made connecting with all of you easier.  I can’t imagine what it was like for families in the 1800’s, and even the first half of the last century, to leave their families and live far away.  I know it is what they were called to do, but I can’t help thinking that they were “bigger” than I am.

I am looking forward to opening a door for you step through and see a little of our life.  Please feel free to “talk” with us about what you’ve read on our site, but please be sensitive in your language in regard to the area that we live and work in.  I am looking forward to hearing from you and hope you get to know our family a little better.



One Response to Just Starting Out

  1. Dear David, I’m Valeriy, who visited your cozy home with my friend Michael, in Yanzi, in winter of 2012. That time we were talking about possibilities for the restaurant business. If you do not mind, we can continue this discussion, as it is interesting for us.
    I remember you nice house and the cordial reception you offered to us. I felt myself as if I’m at home Thank you for that!
    Our daughters are looking forward to be penfriends with your daughters, our daughters learn English and would be able to have a good practice in the language.
    Be blessed our friend, let your family be allways under our Lord’s protection.

    With Christian love from Russia,
    Valerij Avdeev


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